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Purplecats Holiday Kitchen

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Holiday Ideas

Gift Wrapping
Festive Theme Baskets make great gifts. Place a wrapped gift in a basket with similar items. Such as, gourment crackers, coasters, decorative napkins, potholders, journal, assorted color pens, hair combs, barrettes, ribbons, bows, small recipe book, cd, dvd, ornament, etc. Wrap the vocal-point item and then surround it with matching accessories and accents. Top with a bow, leaving basket open, adding your handmade tag. Be imaginative and create a master piece of a gift!

From the Kitchen
To keep cakes from sticking to the pan by greasing pan with shortening. [Butter or margarine may cause sticking or even burning].
For a finishing touch on any dessert or to make that store bought dessert your own, add pecans toasted with brown sugar and corn syrup. They create a shimmering sweet touch that tastes like the crunchy topping of pecan pie. Keep them on hand during the holidays to use as a last minute garnish. Just remember to add them at the last minute, before serving. They are also good in salads or as an ice cream topper. Toasted Pecans recipe can to found on my Holiday Recipes. Be creative and enjoy.

Having a Party
Greet your guests with sweet, spicy holiday fragrance by combining cup whole cloves, 3 cinnamon sticks and 3 bay leaves, wrapped in a cheesecloth bag and tied with raffia [for a natural look, but ribbon is just as good]. Place bag in entranceway, place on table for a festive-look, use as party favors [placing one at the head of each plate], for a circulating fragrance, attaching to the top blades of your ceiling fan or place bag ina small pot with 2 cups of water, bring to boil and then simmer on lowest heat.
Have a Tree-trimming Party. Invite friends, family members and neighbors to help you trim your tree and/or decorate your home. In appreciation for their help, serve them Bayou Party Punch, cider, Southern Eggnog or Sazerac Cocktail with assorted cookies, Southern Roasted Pecans, crackers with Louisiana Hot Crab Dip.

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